Paint & Play with Encaustic

Ever wondered what it's like to

paint with wax?


Private and Group Workshops

Mini encaustic workshops give participants a hands-on introduction to the encaustic process. We start with a focus on health and safety followed by a demonstration of basic technique and hands-on studio time. You have a chance to explore paints and encaustic tools in a safe comfortable work environment.

Techniques presented in this class include fusing; brushing; preparing an encaustic ground; texture; layering; inscribing lines; introduction to collage, and glazing with Pigment Sticks. 

What People said about Previous Workshops

Cathy Denning

Maura is a wonderful teacher and her introduction to encaustic painting was a great experience. We had lots of fun and being in her studio and her beautiful home was really inspiring. Maura has a passion and great talent that she shares with patience and detail. She just wants you to have fun in the process! It was a great afternoon!

Janette Stock

I attended Maura's studio tour and was very impressed with her work. Although I don't consider myself very artistic I was curious enough to attend her introductory art class & appreciated the experience. 

I completed a small project & was pleasantly surprised with the outcome - yes, I even show it to my friends.

I would recommend this class, it was fun and Maura is an inspiring teacher!

Joan Long

Maura - thank you for your patience in showing me some of the basics of encaustic painting. Your work is beautiful - you are extremely talented in this art. I am definitely interested in another class where we can create a specific picture of sorts using encaustic painting. 

What You'll Learn at Infinity Art Studio

  • Experiment with Encaustic medium and techniques
  • Get inspiration/Access creativity
  • Complete a painting to display

  • Spend time with like-minded friends

  • Overcome fear and procrastination

  • Play and have fun!

I will have watercolour paper to paint and sketch on, as well encaustic paints and medium, pastels, pencil crayons, scissors, string.

Tea, Coffee and Water will be ready:)

Optional: Bring textured materials - like string or yarns or other small items. Buttons are fun to incorporate. Little photos or stickers can be great too!

I look forward to learning about you and what fires you up!

Above all, Bring your Inner Child. This will be a chance to play!

Want to see samples of Encaustic? View my paintings...

About the Artist - Maura Joy Lustig

I have been painting all my life and attended countless art courses and workshops, as well as art shows and coaching retreats in Canada, the USA and abroad. 

I am constantly in awe of the beauty of nature around me. As I observe and report what I see through my paintbrush I share and create for others my sense of the inner beauty of all things and all people.

Time stands still for me during those moments of concentration. When you stop to analyze the elements of something beautiful, you internalize it and it becomes a part of you forever!

I use natural elements, painting on wooden canvases with pure beeswax, resin and pigment. I love the way the wax flows and creates new patterns and images. The translucent quality of the fragrant beeswax and resin allows light to penetrate the layers and radiate outwardly so that the paintings appear to glow and give energy. 

I seek to express the extraordinary in the ordinary in realistic and abstract images, in a way that acts as a metaphor and speaks universally to those who view my art.

PRE-PICTURES? Roman Portraits from FAYUUM

THE TECHNIQUE used in painting the majority of mummy portraits is called encaustic (Greek for "burnt in").

This term, used by ancient authors, is somewhat misleading, because heat is not absolutely necessary to attain the effects seen in the encaustic panels. Therefore, encaustic has come to mean any painting method in which pigment is mixed with beeswax.

Researchers have found that a great variety of methods were used to achieve the desired effects in the encaustic paintings: hot or cold wax, under-painting with various colors, and a variety of soft or hard tools that were used cold or heated.

To the modern viewer, part of the attraction of encaustic paintings is their similarity to oil painting, since the wax medium could be applied in thick layers showing a great variety of tool marks and free brush strokes. An important characteristic of encaustic mummy portraits is the use of wafer-thin gold leaf.

In some pieces, the entire background is gilded, in others, wreaths and fillets are added, and jewelry and garment decoration is emphasized.